bringing life to your event

Boogaloo is a company based in Antiparos and was established in 2008. We started with an advanced cocktail bar, then moved into the bar catering business and lately -based on our wide experience in events on both Paros & Antiparos islands we created Boogaloo event rentals.

Our love for the island life was the driving force to start this project so that we could share with clients, couples and their guests this unique feeling these islands have to offer and help them live a dream event by creating signature cycladic environments.

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providing quality products


Designed from our team and crafted from our carpenter this table is suitable for any event.


Finding the right chairs for your event is a very important issue. Check our selection!

High Tables

White high tables, self luminated, suitable for every event especially around the bar area.

Mobile Bars

Your bar is the one place that all your guests are going to visit most likely several times throughout the night.

Lounge Area

An addition to your event that makes your guests feel very well treated. Ideal for kids too.


Having some benches at your event is a nice treat for your guests.


Our teepee functions as a lounge area and a photo-corner while the kid version is the ultimate playground.


We provide a simple and minimalistic approach in our tableware yet classy and elegant.

ready, set, delivered

We are detail junkies and care a lot about accurate delivery and quality service.

We transfer goods 24/7 and cover Paros & Antiparos as well as some of the nearby islands. Ideally we prefer to deliver one day prior to the event and unistall a few hours after your event is over.

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